EpiphanyMill LLC

Our Staff

Currently, EpiphanyMill LLC. employs a full-time staff of two.
For the foreseeable future, the company’s founder and CEO, Rod R. Garcia will wear many hats (perhaps we’ll even post pictures).  As the business grows, and the need arises, EpiphanyMill will bring on additional employees and interns to fill in the gaps, and to ensure that the company runs smoothly.
While Mr. Garcia will be handling the day to day business and marketing, the company’s CFO, Erica Muxie-Bellar, will be handling the financial end of things.  In addition to keeping an eye on the bottom line, and monitoring the use of red and black ink, Ms. Muxie-Bellar will also be filling the role of Author’s Advocate, and ensuring that EpiphanyMill is always doing what is best for it’s strongest resource, it’s authors.
All functions that Mr. Garcia, and Ms. Muxie-Bellar cannot perform efficiently, whether individually or collectively, will be contracted out to a talented group of interns, writers, and artists.
The bottom line is this: the authors and artists represented by EpiphanyMill Publishing will receive the very best possible service, and book lovers can expect nothing short of exceptional reads.

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