Paul Leonard Williams was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico.At a very young age, Paul began putting pen to paper, rather crayon to paper in his earliest years, with a clear penchant for telling fantastic tales.

His loving parents noted as Paul grew older he wasn’t outgrowing his writing phase.  So, in a well-intended attempt to broaden their bookwormy son’s horizons, they introduced him to the world of sports, which he mostly ignored.  Changing tactics, they enrolled Paul in a karate class.  On a warm New Mexico afternoon, his lifelong love affair with martial arts was kindled.  Paul has since trained in: Tang Soo DoShorin Ryu KarateAikido, Judo and most recently, To Shin Do.

Paul served his country as a United States Marine.  During that time he discovered an inherent love for firearms.

When he re-entered civilian life, Paul discovered his marksmanship and ninja skills weren’t exactly paying the bills.  Following a brief stint as a bodyguard, Paul begrudgingly entered the workforce as an office drone, but in his heart of hearts, he has always been a storyteller.

Join Paul as he comes full-circle and returns to his first passion, finally sharing his fantastic tales with the world.