Project Helping Bands is a unique opportunity for authors and musicians to come together as a massive creative force that will provide long-term funding to charities across the globe.

What is so different about Project Helping Bands?
  • Multiple Charities Impacted:
    • Upon publication of a book, EpiphanyMill LLC. will establish a fund for a charity of the author’s choosing.  That fund will be fueled by the sales of songs on a ‘book soundtrack’ donated by musicians.
    • For every book published by EpiphanyMill LLC. and its imprints, a new fund will be established for another charity.  As we grow, there is virtually no limit to the number of charities that we can impact together.
  • Long-Term Funding:
    • The fund will remain in place for the life of the charity, and for as long as the songs on the soundtrack continue to generate income.  If the charity ceases to exist, or in some way loses credibility, the author will have the opportunity to change the designated fund.
  • Broad Public Reach:
    • Music is universal, and…